Satisfied customers are the lifeblood of our business, and we are grateful for their kind words of thanks that they have shared with us. Here is just a taste of the testimonials we have received.

Paul Adler

Director of Land Development, Ashton Woods Homes

I have been managing land development activities in the Phoenix Metro Area, “The Valley” for over a decade. I have managed small subdivisions, large master planned communities and major offsite development all over the valley. I have done so both as a project manager and a Vice President overseeing all land development activities. I have had the opportunity to work with just about all the primary contractors and consultants that conduct business in the homebuilder community in this market. My experience in working with DCS Contracting has been outstanding. DCS Contracting is without a doubt one of my top three contractors to work with, and for several reasons.

The most important characteristic of any organization is the relationship that they develop with their trade partners. DCS Contracting does an exceptional job at developing an outstanding relationship with their customers. I can always count on knowledgeable, clear, timely, honest and professional communication from any individual that I deal with throughout the DCS organization.

When I am evaluating bids and awarding contracts a significant component of my decision making is based on the relationship that a trade partner has with the governing agencies that they will be working with on my jobsite. I have consistently found that DCS Contracting has very good relationships with municipalities, consultants and other trade partners. These relationships are critical to the success of Ashton Woods developing our communities in a responsible and positive manner. I have had two specific communities that had very challenging scopes of work that required significant coordination efforts. DCS Contracting met the challenge and completed both of these projects with no notable delays or financial impacts. I believe that their relationship with the governing entities is the reason that these challenging tasks went so smoothly. I strongly believe that if the work had been awarded to another contractor the results would have been less desirable, not because of the ability to execute the work, but because of the ability to work with the entity in a professional manner under difficult circumstances.

DCS Contracting has the capabilities of being a single source contractor for grading, wet utilities, dry utilities, concrete improvements and paving. I have used DCS on my jobsites to execute all phases of land development with the exception of dry utilities, masonry walls and landscaping. Their quality of work and adherence to schedule and budget is exceptional. By using DCS in this capacity I have minimized exposure to change orders and reduced lost working days on the schedule due to the ability to seamlessly transition from one task to the next.

The capabilities of the project management staff for DCS Contracting allow me to effectively manage my jobsites. They have consistently shown the ability to recommend and execute on decisions that are in the best interest of Ashton Woods. When dealing with solutions to challenges that arise on a project, DCS is always flexible and willing to help provide a solution to the problem. They are extremely knowledgeable in helping Ashton Woods navigate through the issue and reach an equitable solution for all parties concerned.

I have just touched upon tangible reasons that make DCS Contracting is an outstanding trade partner. There are several other intangibles that make them a pleasure to work with.

Tony Humphrey

P.E. | City of Phoenix Civil Engineer III, Street Transportation Department

I recently completed a major roadway improvement project with DCS Contracting. The work included a new storm drain pipe system, catch basins, curb, sidewalk, landscaping, asphalt pavement, irrigation, street lights, and traffic signals. DCS Contracting’s judgement, professional skills and absolute dedication to the job activities were truly commendable considering the numerous obstacles the project encountered. The company was very responsive, enthusiastic, dedicated and committed to the assigned duties and has always ensured that the city and public’s safety, welfare and best interest are being met.

It has been a pleasure to work with DCS Contracting and I would strongly recommend DCS Contracting for other related work to other municipalities.

Jason Van Dyke

CCM, LEED AP | Sr. Project Manager, Kitchell CEM

It was a pleasure working with the DCS Contracting team on the Queen Creek Road Improvements project. This project included all components required to widen Queen Creek to minor arterial standards from Val Vista Road to 164th Street while maintaining two lanes of traffic through the area.

Throughout the project DCS demonstrated the ability to react to changing conditions and complete the project or phase in a timely manner. On one occasion your Superintendent (Eleuterio Maldinado) pushed crews on a Friday afternoon and managed to backfill multiple utility lines patch the trench crossings with Asphalt and move barricades so that Perry High School and Weinberg Elementary school parents, students and staff could get to the campus easier Monday morning. This was a week earlier than forecasted.

On another occasion DCS encountered ground water that was preventing them from reaching appropriate compaction at Gold Strike Road. DCS came up with the solution of adding an additional layer of asphalt in the subsurface area and additional ABC to support the road. Gold Strike opened as scheduled.

Queen Creek Rd. is considered a very successful project due to the efforts of DCS personnel, including but not limited to Marty Byrne, Brandon Byrne, and Eleuterio Maldinado. Your team made considerable efforts to work with the designer, Gilbert’s water, wastewater, traffic signal and streets departments, the homeowners, the PM/CM, Century Link and SRP making this project a success.