Novus Innovation Corridor (CMAR)


Nocus Innovation Corridor (CMAR)


(Tempe, AZ)       June 2019 – ongoing              $2.4M

Catellus Development Corporation

Project Overview:  The Novus Innovation Corridor is a mixed-use development project that consists of approximately 8 million square feet of low to high rise office space, multi-family development, hotels, and retail space. This multi-phased project consists of 4 separate GMP’s that includes the infrastructure and reconstruction of mixed-use development located adjacent ASU Tempe Campus. Work consists of reconstructing the 6th Street and Packard Drive and segments of University Drive and Rural Road on the ASU Campus in Tempe. DCS cut into an existing waterline, including new fire hydrants and services, while keeping the existing waterline operational. The project is unique in that DCS encountered many unmarked, abandoned, and unknown utilities, which resulted in design collaborations with the engineer and City Inspectors. DCS installed new water, storm drain, reclaimed water, and fire line utilities. Our extensive pre-construction planning allowed for a streamlined construction phase with no delays due to utility conflicts while also providing minimal disruption to stakeholders while maintaining access to the ASU campus.

Continuum – North Ellis and Mockingbird CMAR


  • Southwest Value Partners
  • April 2017 – February 2018
  • $2,226,298.00
  • Project Overview: As the General Contractor, DCS self-performed 71% of the contract value and partnered with key subcontractor to complete the landscaping and street lighting. This full roadway improvements project included almost 1 mile of infrastructure improvements including grading, paving, decorative concrete, dry utilities, SRP Irrigation, water main, sewer main,reclaimed water main, landscaping, striping, street lighting and signage. Also included installation of 12” and 16” water mains and 1,700LF of SRP irrigation piping and structures. The project was built in two phases to expedite the SRP scope to allow construction to take place during a dry-up.